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Roof & Cladding Professionals offers you a range of repair services and re-roofing in Sydney.

  • All Commercial and Industrial Re-Roofing
  • Asbestos removal and Re-roofing
  • Metal Roof replacement
  • Roof maintenance, cleaning and repairs
  • Guttering and Downpipes

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With many years of industry experience, the team at Roof & Cladding Professionals will provide first class expert re-roofing and any other roofing concerns you may have.

Jared Keen has been roofing for over 20 years starting in Sydney then heading over to Califorina for 8 years to teach roofing. Now back in Sydney for 10 yeas and has had experiance being Production manager of two of the largest Sydney commercial Re-Roofing companies. Specializing in Asbestos roof replacements, and solving difficult situations is what makes him a valuable part of our team.

Martin Milligan started roofing in Belfast, Ireland in 1977. Worked on large projects in all aspects of roofing included asbestos, metal, slate & tiles Came to Australia in 1986 where he continued his trade as a Roofer mostly on Re- Roofing projects in NSW & QLD. Martin's experience to laison with clients on jobs from start to completion in the commercial roof and wall cladding industry is what makes him a valuable part of our team.

Asbestos: The Risks

According to an article published in theMedical Journal of Australia a new study revealed that home renovations in Australia are causing an alarming number of asbestos-related disease in men and women.

The study discovered that home renovation in Western Australia was responsible for 35.7 per cent of female mesothelioma cases and 8.4 per cent male cases between 2005 and 2008...

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